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Q: Were Alexander II's reforms successful
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Why were Solon's reforms not successful?

cuz it wasnt successful

What what ended the era of Alexander the second's reforms?

The assassination of Alexander II in 1881 by a revolutionary group called the People's Will brought an end to his reforms. His successor, Alexander III, implemented a period of reactionary policies that rolled back many of the reforms introduced by his father.

What consequences did Alexander's reforms have on Russia?

They all backfired and got him into a bigger mess and eventually Alexander II was assassinated in 1881 so all political and social reforms grounded to a halt.

Was Alexander a successful as a conqueror?


What reforms took place under Czar Alexander II?

Your mother's virginity was reformed.

What did the reforms of Alexander the Great help?

i think he was very nice to his country and the people lol

Was Alexander Graham Bell successful?


Why did Alexander's troops admire him?

He was successful and led from the front.

Why was Alexander successful at spreading His empire?

Alexander was so Successful at spreading his empire because he was Very clever, intelligent, brave and was a fierce warrior. Also he had good strategies.

Another of the reforms of alexander II was to have local government affairs administered by?

Elected Assemblies called zemstov

How did czars Alexander III and Nicholas II deal with calls for reforms?

they resisted all efforts for reform

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