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yes, they were a big part, but not the largest part, by far!

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Q: Were natural resources a big reason for the scramble for Africa?
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Who is the richest country in Africa?

According to the Phillips Junior School Atlas which I read in school, Libya is the richest country in Africa. The reason for this is mainly due to its oil reserves, but most of North Africa, like Tunisia, Morocco and Egypt also have many natural resources which make them rich. Economically however, South Africa is probably Africa's richest country, but according to the book, it was classed as 'poor' or 'very poor'. There is no exact answer, this is just information which I learnt from the book I read.

Religious philosophy based on reason and natural law?


Why were nations imperalistic?

I don't think there can be any logical reasoning for why a nation would be imperialistic, however many nations adopted this philosophy because their homelands could not support the needs for natural and limited resources. Such a nation is England, which could not produce many resources it needed, and so it began to colonize much of the world in order to take those places' resources. This is one main reason for Imperialism in many nations from the beginning of the Age of Exploration up until the end of World War II and the fall of many remaining empires.

What was the main reason European countries set up colonies?

To increase their wealth and powerGaining income and raw materials

Who sent the explorers and why?

The explorers such as Christopher Columbus were sent by Kings or Queens that the explorers' countries affiliated with. Kings' or Queens' reason was for the expansion of their country. Increase in wealth, finding new resources such as gold.

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What was the major reason European nations competed for control of Africa during the second half of the 1800s?

Africa had a wealth of Natural Resources

What was a major reason European nations competed for control of Africa during the second half of the 1800's?

because bla bla bla

Why did Bartolomeu Dias try to find a passage around the tip of Africa?

The reason is so Europeans can trade their weapons for natural resources from the Indian tribes

What factors was a reason for the Scramble for Africa?

The scramble for Africa was the initial rush by the European superpowers and other lesser monarchies, Britian, France, Germany, Portugal, belgium and Italy. The Partition of Africa took place much later when Africa was carved up between these nations obviously the stronger countries received larger colonies. This partition of Africa by European countries is the main reason for many of the wars and disagreements in Africa today over borders etc.

What was the major reason the south did not industrialize?

It lacked natural resources

What brings the most money to Russia?

Natural resources. Natural resources is the main reason of all wars that has been started near with the borders of Russian Federation.

What is a reason why fossil fuels are called exhaustible natural resources?

Once coal, oil and natural gas has been burned, they can't be replaced. Therefore, they are not renewable resources.

Scramble for Africa really began due to European?

The scramble for Africa occured during the height of the European Imperealism. Not only did the untapped resources of the continenent offer gold, diamonds and oil ( and more) as well as the possibilty of colonisation, it also meant more influence and prestrige for that country. Britain and France took the largest portions of lands, followed by Holland, Beligium and other smaller European nations. Germany, established in 1871, gained few colonial possessions in Africa, and as a result held little sway in global affairs. Another reason for the scramble was the belief that the nations of Europe were duty bound to spread Western Civilisation throughout the world. Of course the British are the best

Did natural resources help minnesota become a state?

Natural resources attracted people to the state and gave them a reason to stay, so I suppose they helped the people form a state.

Why was the Scramble for Africa important?

The Scramble for Africa was important for two reasons, the first being that the European powers fighting over African territory created tension in Europe, which eventually built up into World War I. The other reason it is important is because Europeans went into Africa and divided land arbitrarily, giving no thought to the tribes of people who lived there. This meant that many families were split up and enemy tribes grouped together, leading to conflict in Africa that continues to this day.

What is one reason why the federal government wants Quebec to remain part of Canada?

the government needs the natural resources that Quebec has. Quebec is rich in natural resources and Canada needs all of them.

One reason why nations in West and Central Africa have had trouble developing since gaining independence is?

1 A lack of natural resources. 2 The refucsal of curopeans to trade with them. 3the decreased value of salt. 4governmen instability.