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No , because the British basically used India as a source for power. They gained productions that werent found in Britian at the time. The Indians were friendly enough to let them steal, however (in my opinion) it was disrespectful to pass on laws and traditions that were made from the British.

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Q: Were the British right to pass laws to reform the caste system and end Sati?
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What was the dual system of government in Bengal from 1765 to 1772?

The Dual system in Bengal was introduced by Robert Clive. During the Dual Government in Bengal the Nawab depended for his internal and external security on the British. As the dewan, the company directly collected its revenues, while though the right to nominate the Deputy subahdar, it controlled the nizamat or the police and judicial powers. This Dual Government in Bengal held a great advantage for the British: they had power without responsibility. The Nawab and his officials had the the responsibility of administration but not the power to discharge it. Nawab was granted Rs.53 Lakhs per annum for the administration but later on this amount was reduced to 32 Lakhs. Thus all the responsibilities were with the Nawab and all the powers with the British. This dual system was proved to be unsuccessful and in 1772 it was ended by Lord Warren Hastings on the orders of the directors of the company. During the Dual System Nawab-ud-Daulla and Saif-ud-Daull were the nawabs of Bengal. At the time of end of this system Mubaraq-ud-Daulla was the nawab of bengal.

This event resulted in Indian citizens boycotting British goods?

Non-Cooperation Campaign ik because i just did a test and got it right (:

Did the british empire civilze the world?

We did our bit...... no, I dont suppose the British Empire did actually do the job, but at the time it was, ostensibly, a step, a series of steps, along the way. As Mahatma Gandhi said when asked what he thought of British civilisation: 'I think it would be a very good idea' and of course he is right. He is still right today. We in Britain are no further along the road than anyone else: I do not hold up the life I lead, or the society I live in here in UK as better than you in Timbuktoo or wherever. What I do say, and you may disagree, is that the Empuire could have been far, far worse than it was. As I say, we did our bit. Not always right, not always for the right reasons, but history shows we played our part.

How some Europeans used the head- right system to their advantage?

I believe that they used the headright system to capture, buy, and sell African slaves, but i'm not a 100% sure.

What country once ruled Australia?

Australia was once a colony of Great Britain.

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That the British were right to pass laws to reform the caste system and end Sati?

no. you fail

Who The British Reform Bill of 1867 extended the right to vote?

The city Workers (plato)

Is the caste system changing?

I don't believe that there is a caste system at all in India anymore. If there was one, it would be just the Hindu religion, and they are strictly instructed by the Indian government not to use the caste system as a form of segregation. Outcastes (yes, I spelled it right) are not at all to be treated unfairly.

What did Gandhi think of the caste system?

Because he did believe in it. He may have moved away from the frigid belief in the system for some sort of political gain but Gandhi believed that some human races were born better then the others. See his comments on the blacks and indians.

How did the Hinduism justify the Indian caste system?

Hinduism justified the Indian Caste System by not liking it:1. It was very hard to move up if they could.2. They had to try very very hard and they only could if they truly deserved it.(they were put into a place which was where they belonged to, not hard not to easy just right!)Therefore Hinduism just did not like the Indian Caste system.

What class is the sudras in the caste system?

The Sudras are the fourth caste in ancient India. They were right below the merchants and other salespeople, but right above the Untouchables, who did the dirty jobs. The Sudras themselves were mostly the farmers in ancient India. They were also other things like cobblers.

Does the caste system need change?

You see, we call India a secular nation, and since we are entitled to freedom of equality, the casts system needs change. caste is purely a religious identity, and is mostly considered a highly private part of one's status. Then why even have a caste? we are assuming that one caste is better off then the other. you see, that's not quite right. the reservation system is supposed to be based on merit , or financial back ground. not a wild guess that just because you're a FC that you always drive in a Mercedes or a BMW!!! so yes, the caste system needs a lot of change, or even better, a replacement .

What is the social order of India?

social pyramid They have social clases. The lowest in the social class is an untochable In India they have what they call the cast system, its is a hierarchy of human worth and I believe its orgins have to do with their belief in reincarnation, if you do not get it right this time around then you are born into a lower order of cast. You have no right to try and raise yourself within the society for your place in society has been earned by you in a former life. It is an oppressive system one many Indian people have been trying to do away with. It is one example of how mythology/religion can have far reaching negative influences, it is irrational, but, reason is hard won in the face of well established religion/mythologies.

Why do the hindus accept the caste system?

I searched this on Google and saw this but there was no answer in doing hw right now and I need alot of help anyone that comes by this pls tell me

Are jatts the upper class in Sikhism?

well right they are but guru nanak dev ji said that there shouldnt any caste system that why they made religion sikhism but right jatts are the upper class in sikhism

What was the significance of British reform of 1832?

it gave more people voting rights <----------Novanet Answer

Why Australia belong to capitalist country?

Australia is a sovereign nation and does not 'belong' to anyone. The economic system in Australia is their own affair. Australia chooses to use the capitalistic economy model, as is their right. Being settled by the British, it was modelled on the British system.