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can you explain how you know
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Q: Were the round table conferences the most important attempt to reach agreement on how India should be governed in the period 1919-39?
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Were the round conferences the most important attempt to reach agreement on how India should be governed in the period 1919-39s?

no . this was not an important attempt because these conferences were failed and no party came up with any conclusion .

Who was The XYZ Affair was an attempt by the US to negotiate a peaceful agreement with what country?


What was the first attempt at creating a global collective security agreement called?

The League of Nations

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The Kyoto Agreement

Arms control definition?

An attempt to keep those who abide by an agreement without arms so those who disregard the agreement may gain control.

What terms best describes the process of making a secret agreement in an attempt to create an act of fraud?


Did the crittenden compromise take place before the civil war?

Yes. It was a last-minute attempt to reach a peaceful agreement.

How do you write a rejection letter after offer is signed?

A signed offer is an agreement. It would be difficult and disrespectful to attempt to abrogate your committment in a letter.

What was the agreement in 1494 that divided the wealth between Portugal and Spain?

The agreement was called the Treaty of Tordesillas. It did not divide wealth specifically, rather it was the first attempt to divide the spheres of influence in the New World between Portugal and Spain.

How did the conferences at dumbarton oaks and yalta attempt to shape the postwar world?

Dumbarton Oaks was a meeting to formulate the United Nations. Yalta was a conference on the occupation of Germany and how it would be split among Britain, Russia, France. and the U.S.

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The agreement reached at the Munich Conference sought to compromise with Germany by offering it some territory in Czechoslovakia