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Most things you use everyday weren't around years ago. Here's a list of things that weren't around or widely available for public use.

  • TV
  • Computers
  • Mobile phones/Cell phones/Smartphones
  • Airplanes were almost inaccessible to normal people - ships were used instead
  • The internet
  • MP3 players (iPod, Sony Walkman)
  • Man-made satellites - the first one was launched in 1957
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1. I-Pads

2. I-Phones

3. Laptops

4. Nooks

5. Printers

6. Fax Machines

7. Internet

8. YouTube

9. Disney World

10. CD

11. TV

12. Alarm Clocks

13. Speed Boat

14. Copy Machines

15. DS

16. DSI

17. Wii

18. X-Box

19. Movie Sound

20. Color Film

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Q: What 20 things didn't exist 100 years ago?
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