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No ruler personally did. It was the Virginia Company.

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Q: What English ruler gave the pilgrims permission to leave England?
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What year did the Pilgrims leave England?

The Pilgrims left England in 1608 and went to Holland. They considered the Dutch morally bankrupt and left Holland on September 6, 1620 on a ship called the Speedwell. The Speedwell sailed to England to join up with the Mayflower. However, the Speedwell began to leak so badly that it returned to England and its 102 passengers continued on aboard the Mayflower.

Why did the christians leave and make new enland?

A relatively small group of Christians, called Puritans, had differing religious opinions and conflicts with the State religion of Great Britain. They traveled to the Netherlands to escape persecution in England. This failed to work out so upon returning to England they applied for permission to settle a colony in the New World. They were approved to do so. They settled in the Massachusetts Bay Colony in New England. In the early 1600's Their ship was the famous Mayflower.

What were Philip II's foreign policies?

his ignorance to not deal with the dutch revolt and leave it discharged. also the war with england and loosing the spanish armadour in 1588

What are the medical Leave rules of central government of India?

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Economic Reasons to Leave Europe?

One of the widely accepted reasons is that Europeans were attempting to find a route to China and India. However, while true, this statement lacks truth. Many Europeans were seeking freedom from religious persecution. Ever hear of the Pilgrims? That's what they were all about. Other reasons to come to North America would be cheap land, a chance for adventure, and easy money.

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How did the pilgrims leave England?

On the Mayflower

Why did the Pilgrims primarily leave England?

The Pilgrims were seeking religious freedom.

Who landed at Plymouth and why did they leave England?


When the pilgrims leave England for America?


Where did the pilgrims leave from?

The pilgrims left from SouthHampton, England. They left on September 6,1620.

What city did the pilgrims leave from in England?

the church of England

Why did it take so long for the pilgrims to leave England?

Because the King of England didn't want them to leave.

When did the pilgrims ship leave England?

1620 April 17

What day the pilgrims originally leave England?

september 16,1620

What city and country did the pilgrims leave for the new world?


Why did the pilgrims have to leave England and Holland?

They told the england that they wasn"t alive no more

Why did the pilgrims have no right to leave England?

They had a right to leave England so long as they didn't go somewhere else illegally.