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The nation that is furthest west on the continent of Europe is Portugal. However, Iceland is further west but is an island. It has been traditionally part of Europe.

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Cyprus is the EU country that is furthest east.

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The farthest EU country is Reunion Island which is located next to Mauritius. This is a French Colony.

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Q: What European country is located farthest west?
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What European nation is located the farther west?

Iceland is the farthest west of European nations.

Which European nation is located the farthest west?

Iceland is the westernmost European nation.

What is the left- most country of europe?

If by "left-most" you mean looking down at a map, the farthest WEST is Iceland by technicality, although it is not a member of the EU, it is on the European continental shelf, the farthest West in countries which touch is Portugal, and the farthest West in the generally accepted European cluster is Ireland.

Which Europe country west of England?

Ireland is a European country located to the west of England.

What European nation is farthest west?


What country in central America lies farthest to the West?

Guatemala is the Central American country farthest to the west.

What country extend farthest north farthest west?

Norway and Iceland

What is the country in Europe that is the farthest west?

Iceland. On mainland Europe, the westernmost country is Portugal.

What country extends farthest north farthest east?

The country that extends farthest north is Norway, and the country that extends farthest east is Russia. Russia holds the title for being the country with the largest east-west extent.

Which territory in Canada is farthest west?

British Columbia is the Canadian province farthest West.

What country is the farthest country west of the USA?

West of the United States is Russia, China, Japan and Korea.

Where is California located on the map?

It is the farthest west in continental U.S.A.