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it was Tanganyika. that place is in Germany with exported resources of sisal,coffee,rubber,cotton and industrial or economic use are rope and vine

food processing

water proof clothes, tires,electrical insulation


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Q: What European industries benefited from African resources?
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Who benefited from triangular trade?

European traders, African chiefs who profited from selling slaves, and plantation owners in the Americas who relied on slave labor all benefited from triangular trade.

Why did European countries resist African colonial nationals?

They were afraid they would lose their supply of natural resources.

Why European countries resist African colonial nationalism?

They were afraid they would lose their supply of natural resources.

Why did Europeans build empires in Africa?

They thought they were going to live there forever

What advantages did European societies have over African in the S's?

European societies had advantages in terms of technology, organization, and centralized government structures during the time of European colonization in Africa. This enabled them to exploit African resources, establish control and dominance, and impose their cultural and political systems on African societies.

African slaves were brought to the Americas to supply labor for?

African slaves were brought to the Americas to supply cheap and forced labor for agricultural industries, such as sugar, tobacco, and cotton plantations. They were also used in mining and other industries to help the European colonies in the Americas prosper economically.

What companies benefited from the slave trade in the 1700?

Royal African Company

How did European countries attempt to profit from their African colonies after World War 1?

They relied more heavily on African colonies to provide resources to help Europe rebuild.

The nature of the early African-European contact?

Early African-European contact was shaped by trade, exploration, and colonialism, with interactions ranging from peaceful exchanges to violent conquests. The outcomes of these interactions had long-lasting impacts on both continents, including the spread of diseases, cultural exchange, and the exploitation of African resources and labor.

What were effects of the European colonization of Africa?

The European colonization of Africa had wide-ranging effects on the continent. It led to the exploitation of African resources, the imposition of European rule and systems of governance, the displacement and marginalization of African cultures and societies, and the establishment of racial hierarchies. It also contributed to economic underdevelopment and political instability in many African countries.

How did the new deal influence African-Americans and black people?

The programs in the New Deal benefited African Americans and black people :)

Which New England colony benefited the most from the African Slave Trade?

Rhode Island