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During the 1968 leadership battle of the Liberal Party of Canada, Trudeaumania was widespread. This was the excitement surrounding future Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau.

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Q: What Prime Minister was so popular that he had his own mania?
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What did prime minister Bennett give twenty million dollars to during the Great Depression?

Prime Minister Bennett helped lots of people during the Great Depression. When people wrote him letters asking of his help, he sent them the things they asked for things like money, clothes and even bicycles. He gave people money from his own wallet. It's possible all of his donations added up to 20 millions dollars.

Who lead Canada in world war 2?

The Prime Minister of Canada during WWII was Mackenzie King. However, since all military units have their own leaders, you would have to be more specific if you are wondering about the individual battles and who lead them.

Was peter stolypin good for Russia?

Yes. After being appointed Prime Minister of Russia in 1906, his first action was to clamp down on terrorism. In 1906 alone, 1008 terrorists had been executed. Stolypin also helped peasants to become owners of their own land (he did this because he believed this would help to prevent revolution) Conditions in Russia began to improve (i.e. Industry grew, Wages increased, Harvests were good) However, in 1911 Stolypin was assassinated (by one of his own police agents who turned out to be a terrorist)

Why did the countries got involved in the world war 1?

The countries got involved in World War 1 due to a combination of factors, including territorial disputes, alliances, militarism, and a desire for power and dominance. The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary by a Serbian nationalist was the immediate trigger for the war, but underlying tensions and rivalries among the major powers had been building for years. Ultimately, the complex web of alliances, nationalist ambitions, and a desire to protect their own interests drew countries into the conflict.

What is the significance of Robert La Follette?

Robert La Follette is known for a life in politics and public service. A lifelong Republican, La Follette became disenchanted with many political practices of his party in the early 1900s and decided to launch his own party under the Progressive Party label. In 1924 he ran for President of the United States under the banner of that party, gaining 17% of all votes.

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What prime minister in the 1970 had his own mania?

Pierre Elliott Trudeau

What prime minister Had his own mania in 1970?

Pierre Elliott Trudeau

What prime minister was so popular he had his own mania?

During the 1968 leadership battle of the Liberal Party of Canada, Trudeaumania was widespread. This was the excitement surrounding future Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau.

What Prime Minister of Canada had his own mania?

Pierre Elliot Trudeau. The media obsession with him was called Trudeau-mania.

For a time in the early 1970's this prime minister was so popular he had his own mania?

I wanna know so help me its for a school assignment

Who was Scotlands prime minister in 1996?

Scotland does not have it's own Prime Minister. The Prime Minister of the UK is also the Prime Minister of Scotland.

Is The Prime Minister of England Gordon Brown in charge of Scotland as well?

Gordon Brown is the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. England does not have a Prime Minister nor its own government. Scotland has its own government and it is led by the First Minister Alex Salmond.

Who is the prime minister of Svalbard?

Svalbard is an archipelago governed by Norway, and it does not have its own prime minister. The Prime Minister of Norway, currently Erna Solberg, would represent and govern the territory.

When is the prime minister of England replaced?

Firstly, England doesn't have its own Prime Minister. The current Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, is Prime Minister of all of the UK, not just England. Prime Ministers are replaced if the existing Prime Minister resigns or is otherwise unable to continue to do the job. When there is a General Election - which there will be no later than June 2010 - then the same Prime Minister could be voted back in or could lose out to another political party who will have their own Prime Minister designate. This will probably be David Cameron.

Who was the Prime Minister of Canada in 1742?

No one. Canada did not officially become a nation with its own prime minister until 1867.

Do Aruba Bonaire and Curacao have the same Prime Minister?

No, the three islands don't have the same prime minister. The prime minister of Aruba is Michiel Godfried Eman [b. September 1, 1961]. He began his term on October 30, 2009.Bonaire and Curacao used to be contained within the Netherland Antilles, but this was dissolved in 2010. Curacao is now its own country and has its own Prime Minister. Bonaire is considered to be a special municipality of the Netherlands, and does not have its own Prime Minister.

Did Tony Blair succeed John Major as the Canadian prime minister?

Both were British Prime Ministers. Canada has its own Prime Minister, separate to the UK