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As far as I'm aware, The French Revolution was started by the French, not by George Washington, who was and had been the only US President at the time of the French Revolution.

Unless the Americans have built a time machine.

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Q: What US President started the French Revolution?
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Why did President Washington keep us out of the french revolution?

Because we were a new country and we did not want to interfere. Also, our policy on foreign affairs at the time was neutral.

What were the national debts of the Americans and French during the Revolution?

The US owded France money for providing weapons supplies and ships in the American Revolution. Their help came at a price which Massachutsets attempted to pay.

How did the French Revolution affect American politics?

The French Revolution had no direct effect on the United States. A new country, the US had sufficient teething problems organizing and financing their new democracy, and the turmoil in France had no effect. However, after the Revolution, when Napoleon returned to power and fought the English, it gave Jefferson's reconstituted US Navy the opportunity to support the US Marines in the early fight against the Barbary pirates in the Mediteranian.

Why did some people outside of France support the French Revolution?

Because people outside of France, take the United States for example, wanted French to have the same freedoms that the Unted States has and they helped us in the American Revolution and some people believed we should return the favor.

Should the US have officially supported the French revolutionaries against the British?

The French did support the Americans some what in the war, however, only on a colonial point of view, with 13,500 French colonists joining the American Ranks and vast numbers of weapons and supplies being given to the miltia. French and British colonies were at war but not France and Britain themselves as the British had all but destroyed the French Fleet in the Seven Year War, the only thing that could stop the British from invading France itself would be a fleet, and since there wasn't a fleet that could stand up to the British Navy anymore a European War would have been foolish.

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Who was the President of the US after the French Revolution?

John Adams was the US President when the French Revolution ended in 1799.

Who was the President of the US when the French Revolution ended?

John Adams.

Who was the US President when the French Revolution ended?

John Adams.

During the French Revolution who was the President of the US?

George Washington (1789 - 1797), who was succeeded by John Adams (1797 - 1801).

How did the US react to the French Revolution?

they liked the idea of the French Revolution and it helped them.

Who was the president of the US during french revolution?

George Washington (1789 - 1797), who was succeeded by John Adams (1797 - 1801).

Did the French and Indian War take place while James Madison was president?

The French and Indian War was fought twenty years before the American Revolution. There was no US president and the states were still colonies.

How did the French Revolution in Great Britain and the US?

Your question is confusing and at this point can't be answered. The French Revolution didn't happen in Britian nor the US. Otherwise it wouldn't be called the "French Revolution ."

How did us citizens feel about french revolution?

Having just won the American revolution they were "with" their French brothers.

What country had a revolution shorty after the us wrote the constitution?

the french had their revolution

Did the french help the US in the revolution?


What effect does the french revolution have on us today?

The french revolution influence us to make people know about liberty,equality and fraternity.