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cloudy with a chance of meatballs

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Q: What Was The Weather Like On Columbus's Voyage?
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How many years after columbuss 1492 voyage did the English send their first explorer on a voyage of discovery across the Atlantic ocean?

5 years

What was the weather like on Christopher Columbus voyage?

pretty well

What was the weather like on Columbus first voyage?

Bad Thanks alottt....

Did vasco da gama have bad weather on his voyage?

yes. Vasco Da Gama had unfavoratable weather on his voyage

What was the weather like on Rudolph the red noes reindeers maiden voyage?

It was fog that they can not see at all.

Does the sims 2 bon voyage give you weather or do you have to get seasons?

um if you mean like-what kind of weather are there then..... answer:they give you all the weather. but if you mean seasons- answer: you have to get seasons

What happened n christopher columbuss early life?

he ate pie like there was no tomorrow

When was Christopher columbuss firs expedition?

1451 was the first expedition christopher Columbus made

What was Magellans weather on his voyage?

Ferdinand Magellan was a Spanish explorer. During his voyage in circumnavigating the world, he sailed through cold weather and extreme rains for many years.

What was the weather like on Jacques Cartier's first voyage?

Jacques Cartier's first voyage started on April 20, 1534 from St. Malo in Brittany. His goal was to find a passage to Cathay. Twenty days later he found Canada in the name of France. Since the voyage was so short, and there is no indication otherwise, the weather must have been calm and easy.

What were the weather conditions that Hernan Cortes encountered on his voyage?


Who was columbuss wife?

His wife was Dona Felipa.