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I'm not certain but i thought it was the magna carta which originally gave some power to the people.

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Q: What action by an English king gave ordinary people a voice in government?
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What were the three types of government that developed in the greek city-states after Greece's dark ages?

Oligarchy - 'rule by the few' - an aristocratic cartel which excluded ordinary people. Tyranny - rule by a single man appointed to get rid of the oligarchs and give the ordinary people a government which looked after their interests. Democracy - 'people power' - which gave the ordinary people a say in their government.

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Your mother.

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At first the federal government was made up of ordinary people, who represented the rest of the ordinary people. Today you need to either be rich, have some friends with a lot of money, or have a lot of friends with some money.

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Because they helped the sides by providing nurses (which were ordinary people) to help the wounded/injured soldiers. The ordinary people also provided the food supply for the battle.

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