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Being an island nation gave Great Britain several advantages. One important one was that it could not be invaded by land. This was a plus throughout its history. World War Two comes to mind immediately. Also, being an island gives it a better chance for good seaports to enhance trade and commerce.

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Q: What advantages does England have being on an Island?
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What continent is for England?

The United Kingdom, which includes England, is part of Europe. Being an island, it is not part of the landmass itself.

Was England France or Spain an island?

England is an island.

What is the word England derived from?

The word England comes from "Anglo-land", the Angles being one of the Germanic tribes to invade the island along with the Saxons and Jutes.

How did being an island effect the development of the UK and its empire?

England's geography effected it's development because it was an island. England built a large, strong navy that served them in expanding their empire. England also needed to import goods because it was a small island, therefore explorers were sent around the world to find new territories.

Does England have island surrounding it?

England, Scotland and Wales are all part of the island of Britain.

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As its an island, it can't be 'in' England, it has to be offshore. You may be thinking about the Isle of Wight.

When was England not an island how was it joined to mainland Europe as was?

England isn't an island - it has two land borders

Is England a conitent?

No, England is an island nation. It is in Europe.

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