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The Warsaw Pact.

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Q: What alliance did East Germany belong to?
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What alliance did East Germany belong and West Germany did not?

The Warsaw Pact.

What alliance did Germany belong in World War 1?

The central powers.

What is the one nations that belong to the triple alliance but did not join the central power?


Did Weimar belong to the Eastern Zone?

Weimar is in Thueringen, which was in East Germany.

What was the soviet alliance with East Germany Czechoslovakia Poland Hungary Romania Bulgaria and Albania?

Warsaw Pact.

What alliance was Germany part of?

In the 1879, the Dual alliance (Germany and Austria) was made and then Italy joined in 1882 which made the Triple alliance.

What countries were involved in the triple alliance with Germany?

The Triple Alliance involved Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy.

When did Germany and Austria-hungry create an alliance?

Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy formed an alliance in 1888.

Why did Germany join the triple alliance?

Germany created the Triple Alliance to prevent a two front war.

Does china belong to a trade alliance?


What was the name of this military alliance whish included the soviet union and its satellites poland hungary bulgaria albania East Germany?

Warsaw Pact

What was the name of this alliance which include the soviet union and its satellites poland hungry bulgaria albania East Germany romania and Czechoslovakia?

Warsaw Pact.