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Giovanni da verrazano

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Q: What are all the ways you can spell Giovanni da verrazano?
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Did Giovanni verrazano accomplish his goal?

no he sunk the ship and they all drowned

Who sponsered Giovanni da verrazano?

well Francis I was the one who gave him all his ships, money, and supplies

Who gave Giovanni da verrazano the ships?

Francis I was the one who gave him all his ships, money, and supplies. He was from France.

What are the places that Giovanni de verrazano on all of his voyage?

he went to new york harbor,block island and narragansett bay

What did Giovanni Verrazano accomplish and find as an explorer?

He landed in Cape Fear, North Carolina and Traveled all the way to New York.

What did Giovanni da verrazano hope to find?

to find fur and lumber and gold

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Was Girolamo older then Giovanni da Verrazzano?

yes he was later to find they were not related they were both adopted and did not mother and father but I know becuase I am related to them. I am the 5th generation the verrazano's alisa verrazano. Now you know. My adress is 1582 Forest Creek.I have all the money in the will. I miss my big 1st generation brother :( bless him please Sincerly,the Verrazano 5th generation love you later not as rich as me people i am 1,000,000,000 dollars richer bye

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