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Q: What are four countries have owned Florida for four years throughout history?
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Which countries owned Florida other than us?

England and Spain have owned Florida other than the United States

Which other countries owned Florida?

The First One Was Spain.

Florida was purchased from the seminoles?

not they owned Florida but america did take over it

Was Florida from the seminoles?

not they owned Florida but america did take over it

What country controlled the Louisiana territory and Florida at the signing of the constitution?

Florida was owned by Spain, and Louisiana was owned by France in 1787.

Why is Antarctica owned by twelve different countries?

It has 12 countries working there, but I do not know it is "owned" by any of them.

What countries are cuba haiti Jamaica and the dominican republic owned by?

All four of these countries are independent:Cuba is owned by Cuba.Haiti is owned by Haiti.Jamaica is owned by Jamaica.The Dominican Republic is owned by the Dominican Republic.

Did Spain extend its empire to Florida?

Yes, Florida used to be one of Spain's colonies, but it was acquired by the US in 1819.

Is there a Sam's Club in the horizon for Palm Coast Fl?

Sam's Club is a warehouse store owned by Walmart. There are locations throughout the country. Residents of Palm Coast, Florida do not have a Sam's Club in their town.

Why are Florida's borders were they are?

Because when America was still colonies, the person who owned Florida (probably an earl, who was given the land by King George of England) owned all that land. (S)He sold land to other people, and that whole piece of land that (at the end), he still owned, became Florida.

What is the history of state owned enterprise?

history of modern state

What countries owned Utah?

The area was first owned by Mexico and then the United States.