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well the thing is that what people don't understand is that physical characteristics are waterfalls or mountains. They are landforms as well. What is a characteristic? It is something that describes or defines. It defines the earth. Physical characteristics in this case means a land form that describes the earth,france to be exact. Such as the fact that there are mountains in the central area of france. all you idiots out there need to learn go to school or something ,..... um bye

Well first of all I am not an idiot...I go to the BEST school in North Carolina and I am a Striaght A student ever since I was in 3 grade bye bye

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Well human characteristics are different from physical characteristics human characteristics mean stuff done by people and physical characteristics mean that they haven't been done by people they have been done already without anyone's help for example help by people.

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Q: What are human characteristics of France?
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