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I'm pretty sure they're called 'Austrians'.

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Q: What are people from Austria called?
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What do you call the people living in Austria?

Austrian. Btw in austria, the country is called österreich.

What are the native people called in Austria?

People living in Austria are "Austrians" in German it would be "Österreicher" the Ö is pronounced like the "u" in "urban".

In Austria the ruler was called?

Austria elects a President.

Why is Austria called down under?

Because people don't know how to spell.Australia is called "down under" because it's in the Southern Hemisphere. Anybody calling Austria "down under" has probably gotten the two confused.

Why was Ann of Austria called Ann of Austria?

ann of austria was called this because chuck Norris said so, would you argue with chuck Norris?!

How do people move throughout Austria?

Austria has highways and airports.

How do people live in sandy deserts in Austria?

Austria has no deserts.

How many people live in Austria?

As of 2021, the estimated population of Austria is around 9 million people.

What city in Europe is called the city of music?

Vienna, Austria.

What are the political regions in Austria called?

The repulic of Austria is divided in 9 "Bundesländer".

Do people vote in austria?

Yes, much like in the United States, people do vote in Austria. The legal age to vote in Austria is the age of eighteen.

What are the alpes called in austria?

They are simple called "Alpen".