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Positive: -boosted the economy immensely in the southern regions of the united states.

- Cotton began to be traded amoungst the states, causing a growth in port cities such as Savannah, GA & Charleston, SC.

NEGATIVE: -slavery exploded in the south ( even though there was a congressional ban on the importation of slaves put into effect in 1808.)

-cotton was the MAJOR crop produced in the south, this made the south very over reliant on cotton.

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well 1 positive event was that their was more industry in those times

1 negative was that their was so much demand for slavery

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Q: What are positive and negative effects of the cotton boom?
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What were the positive effects in the cotton boom?

The positive effects were that some farmers had alot of cotton to get done so the cotton gin or cotton boom makes it easyer and faster to get done and sold to cotton buyers and cotton buyers were alot more happy to get cotton and good quality,so yeah bye....

What were the positive and negative results of the cotton boom?

Positive would be: increased profits for raw goods. Negative would be: increased costs for making profits as in slave ownership

What effects did the cotton boom have on the slave trade?

It increased the need for slaves.

What were the negative effects of the cotton boom?

Slavery in the deep south exploded in size. There was a transition of labor from cleaning cotton to planting and harvesting cotton, because the Cotton Gin cleaned the cotton much faster than manual labor could. Ironicly, the cotton gin was invented by Eli Whitney, who was a northerner, in an attempt to end slavery. The opposite happened.

What role did Eli Whitney play in th the cotton boom?

he made the cotton gin whitch led to the cotton boom

What was the American cotton boom?

The American Cotton Boom was a increase in the need of cotton which came and led to many technological advancements. The increase of cotton led

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Is a cotton boom a place?


What date did the cotton boom start?

The cotton boom started in 1840 because the invention of the cotton gin (short for engine) made cotton production easier. By 1860, the US was producing more than half of the world's cotton.

What was the cotton boom?

a time where the production of cotton was high due to the invention of the cotton gin by Eli Whittney

Why did the invention of the cotton gin lead to a boom and cotton Production?

It made possible the cheap and fast processing of raw cotton into cotton fiber.

American cotton production underwent a real boom in the late 1790s because of?

the cotton gin