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Your project should show your intellectual level. So i would you should do it on how teenagers spend money and how it effect parents and society. Or do something like what causes most teen suicides

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A very good topic could be

How women police changed law enforcement Friend or food? Why some animals are considered a pet and others our plate?

who was the king and queen of Egypt?

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Q: What are some good topic for a 5th grade social studies fair?
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What is a good conclusion for a social studies fair project?

It depends on the topic.

What is a good 6th grade topic for a social studies fair?

well it depends at what level you are at in social studies you can check in a social studies text book. i would do the geography of a place you are learning about maybe china. it is all about what you like and are interested in. they have this fair for you to gain knowledge about what you are interested in.

What are some good topics for an eighth grade social studies fair project?

Holocaust, economics, culture, etc. Be creative and ask your teacher to help you come up with a topic! I am in 8th grade too and I am doing a social stuides fair project on Anne Frank and how she impacted the Holocaust

Social studies fair topics?

A good social studies fair project is you could do your project on world war1,world war 2,the holocaust,slaverty, or the french and Indian war

What is a good grade 7 or 8 science fair topic?

what about UFO's

Is capital punishment a good social studies fair project?


Can you use bullying as a social studies fair project?

If yur a fifth grader because im in fifth grade and i'm doing my project on that currently and the project is due on 11/26.

Is Marco Polo a good social studies fair project?

no it is not a good thing to learn about lol

What is the President Wife or Policy maker?

I would like to know Whats the President Wife Or Policy. I have a Social Studies Fair project i am doing and I really need your help President. I am 5th grader and i will like to pass the Social studies fair project From: Britney Fournillier:) To: President OrachaBama

How do you get a good grade in a science fair when your topic is where are more germs in your school?

I am pretty sure that would be the bathroom.. if that's any help at all. :P

What title can you use for your social studies fair project on roller coasters?

may b hurricane twizler? idk I nevr had tht before

What is a good topic for history fair?

i think the best topic for history fair is pearl harbor! i did this an got an A+. and all you have to do is research and its very easy!