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Q: What are some hardships people face today?
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What hardships did Balboa have?

1st His friend Paulie dies 2nd His wife dies 3rd he has personal demons after losing to Apollo Creed

What hardships did the lords face in the medieval times?

they would always be underestimated by men. they would usually have house chores instead of working. they would be left alone to manage the household, servants and upbringing of children when the noblemen were gone

How did people communicate in the 18th century?

Although the telephone Alexander Bell invented had been around for a few years at the turn of the century, it was not yet in widespread use. Most people still used regular old "snail mail" -- the postal system -- to communicate. Other options were the telegraph and, within cities, delivery boys.

What are some of the hardships that people fought against on the Oregon trail?

The people who followed the Mormon Trail, were prosecuted. They were chased out of state after state, by mobs who thought them to be horrible unchristian people. These mobs attacked and in some cases killed the Mormons, this is the most well known trouble the Mormons had. They went through mountains in wagons, which was a very hard journey that left many dead. They had many of the same problems other trails had such as harsh weather and terrain, low food supplies, low supplies in general, and deadly illness. Hope that helped.

Why did africans engage in slave trade?

Although some people think it was all the Europeans fought that Africa was taken over but it was also the Africans. African leaders (mainly in West Africa), engaged in the slave trade and received some advantages. Some African kings traded their people for weapons.

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What issues and hardships did people face before during and after immigrating to Australia?

Some people had problems such as: scurvy diseise and sickness

What were some hardships or challenges that Raphael had to face?

i don't know :D

What hardships did women face on the goldfields?

on the goldfields women faced many hardships such as shania :0

Why were people willing to face the hardships of the trail to the west to look for gold?

Many people simply downed their tools and left for the goldfields. Some took a horse and cart, but oftentimes, men were leaving their wives and families who needed the horses themselves. It was the most common method of transport.

What were hardships had to face?

Some common hardships individuals face include financial struggles, health issues, relationship problems, and career setbacks. Dealing with loss, trauma, or mental health challenges can also be significant hardships that individuals may have to overcome. Each person's experiences and coping mechanisms for overcoming these hardships can vary greatly.

What were some hardships Sojourner Truth faced?


What were some hardships people faced in the 1930' s?


What hardships did the homesteaders face How did they meet some of the challenges?

they were given free land but they had to fix it and live there for a amount of time

What were some hardships in the Middle colonies?

There were a great many hardships that the people in the middle colonies faced. These hardships included sickness and miscommunication.

What are some hardships faced be the danish people because of the war?

Compared to all the other countries in WW 2 the Danes suffered virtually no hardships.

What are some of Sacagawea's hardships?

These are some hardships they had. Sacagawea had her baby. Some Indians were attacking them. The weather was bad for these people. They ran out of items such as food, water weapons and cloths. They needesd weapons to kill animals.

What hardships did john caboto face?

probably some crazy natives and rough winds, as the world goes. There's no suprise, well, to me.