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5.Natural Disasters

6.Political Prisoners

7.Religious reasons

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  • racism
  • discrimination
  • lack of jobs
  • climate
  • government policies
  • cost of living high
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Q: What are some push factors about Canada?
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What are push factors for Canada?

racismdiscriminationlack of jobsclimategovernment policiescost of living high

What are pull and push factors for Venezuela?

push and pull factors depends on where are you coming from ... so if you are coming from canada.. you coul be leaving a good economy, and your friends so a push factor and the pull factors could be the beautiful scenery.

Push and pull factors of the great migration?

Push: impacted canada by having more farms Pull: Get more money

What are some push and pull factors about Georgia?

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What are some push factors included in Scandinavian immigration?

the push factor is for scandinavians.

What push pull factor led to the colonization?

what are some push and pull factors of the colonization.

When studying migration high level of crime violence and pollution are examples of what?

push factors

What are some push and pull factors of Bulgaria?

push is to push back fake immigrants or illegal intruders in Bulgarian territory

What are the push factors of Kenya?

some push factors in Africa are having no food,no clothes,not having a job,and dieing of a desies or malnutrition

What is the pull factor for turkey?

The push factors of Turkey include pollution and overpopulation in some areas. Push factors are the things that are unfavorable about the area you live in.

What are some factors that are pushing farmer off the land and into the cities?

Here are some of the push factors: less profit no electricity