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The Expolsion of Jews in 1942, and the competion of the reconquest

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Q: What are the achievements of los Reyes catolicos Catholic monarchs?
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What is another name for Spanish monarchs?

Los reyes (catolicos)

What is the Spanish translation of word KING?

'Los reyes catolicos' (The Catholic monarchs) were Ferdinand and Isabella

What centuries did los Reyes catolicos rule?

The Los Reyes Catolicos in the late 15th and early 16th century. They ruled from the time they were married until Isabela's death.

When does the Reyes Magos come here?

In the Western Churches, the day that the Reyes Magos arrived is traditionally celebrated on January 6. This day is also called Epiphany in the Catholic Church.

What year was the Spanish Conquest?

The question is too vague: the Spanish Conquest of what? whom? The Aztecs? The Incas? Or do you mean the Re-conquest (La Reconquista), the winning back, after hundreds of years of Moorish occupation of Spain, by Christian Spain under the 'Reyes Catolicos', Ferdinand and Isabella? Be more specific, please.

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Augustus Reyes goes by Agot Reyes.

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