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Some of the barriers to development include vices such as crime and drug abuse. When the greater population is struggling with drug addiction, they do not contribute much to economic development.

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Q: What are the barriers to development?
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What are three physical barriers to development?


What is the greatest impact of mountanious terrian on Latin America's economic development?

they act as barriers to transportation.

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The main educational barriers from the collegiate level all the way down to elementary school level are you must mantain a 2.0 GPA(C average). Have all of your credits. Lastly If your teacher writes you up you can not play your next game

What barriers might be to you being able to access professional development opportunities?

Some potential barriers to accessing professional development opportunities include financial constraints, lack of time or scheduling conflicts, limited access to resources or training programs, and inadequate support or encouragement from employers.

What has the author Derek Mack written?

Derek Mack has written: 'Breaking down the barriers to effective team functioning and development'

What are the seven barriers to proper communication?

The seven barriers of proper communication are the following: Physical barriers, perceptual barriers, emotional barriers, cultural barriers, language barriers, gender barriers, and interpersonal barriers.

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Some common barriers in educational planning include lack of resources (financial, material, or human), limited access to education, inadequate infrastructure, political instability or conflicts, and societal attitudes towards education. These barriers can hinder the development and implementation of effective educational plans and policies.

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They are called post zygotic barriers.

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