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they are normally red and black

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Q: What are the colours for a Saxon shield?
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What did the Saxon army do well in the battlle of Hastings?

shield wall

What are the colors on a medieval shield?

They are the colours and design of the lord that soldier or knight fights for.

What shape were the Anglo Saxon shields?

The shield was a defensive item, but it was also used offensively in combat and was a status symbol to indicate warrior status.

Did king Harold have a horse?

yes because they were the only oneswho could get through the saxon shield wall.

What does a Saxon shield have?

saxon shields from early medieval times were typically made of wood (linden?) and were of oval or more often round shape. the front side of the shield was painted with colors, usually simple geometric shapes or maybe even just random blocks of colors. some claimed the use of colors was merely for ornamental purposes. some believed that experienced warriors painted their shields to avoid revealing the natural pattern of the wood material which the shield was made of. shields could be a lot more easily broken if impact by weapons were made along the direction of the natural fibre pattern of the wood material. in some cases on the back side of the shield metal pieces might have been used to reinforce the shield though this might have been uncommon. Shields of the time usually had very short service life as they were easily broken. ordinary warriors in the Anglo-Saxon age would not be able to afford metal reinforced shields. in the center of the shield a cone shaped (cf vikings used dome shaped) metal shield boss was used to hold the wooden piece together. On the back side of the metal cone was a straight, bar-shaped hand grip. The metal shield boss thus provides protection for the hand. Shields were almost never held by belts running across the backside of the shield, though sometimes longer belts were attached to a shield so that it could be more easily carried around on one's back when it's not being used.

Was Harold a saxon?

yes he is, not only a Saxon but the last Saxon ever to live

Did Harold Godwinson have shields?

King Harold would have used a round-topped kite shield exactly the same as his Norman opponents and those used by his own husceorls (housecarls) - his best-equipped men. The bulk of the Saxon army used their traditional round shields.It is thought that a change in Norman archery tactics led to Harold being wounded; in the first half of the battle the Norman archers shot directly at te Saxon shield-wall, with very little result. But later William directed his archers to shoot very high, like mortar fire, so the arrows would descend almost vertically on their targets. This would have made the shield-wall virtually useless and resulted in huge numbers of casualties on the saxon side, including Harold himself.

Was Harold Godwinson a Norman or Saxon?


What is the birth name of Mike Saxon?

Mike Saxon's birth name is Michael Eric Saxon.

Is Saxon a noun if yes is it a proper noun or a common noun?

Saxon is a proper noun. The word Saxon is also an adjective to describe something of or from Saxon culture.

What tactics did Saxons use?

The Saxons' favourite tactic was the shield wall. 2 or 3 ranks. The first rank would have their shields overlapping with the shield of the person next to them. They would form a "wall of shields", as the name suggests. The Saxon would use his other hand to stab at his opponent with his sword from under his own shield. To break a shield wall, which they had to do when fighting other Saxons, they used three weapons, row by row. The first man used a spear, which hit the bottom of the shield, causing it to tilt outwards. The second man used an axe as a hook to pull down the shield. The third man used a short sword to attack the now defenceless man behind the lowered shield.

What is John Saxon's occupation?

John Saxon is a/an Actor