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When fire was cutting-edge technology, looking beyond the next hill was exploring. Today we are exploring outer space.

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Political, economic, social, environment.

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Q: What are the impacts of exploration?
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What are the positive and negative impacts of John Cabot's exploration?

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What are the impact exploration?

Political, economic, social, environment.

What were the social and economic impacts of exploration on the people of each continent?

Some economic impacts of exploration are that after the age of exploration slavery started on Africans and Native Americans. Many new plants and animals were found. New diseases were spread to each other and they didn't know how to cure them so many people died.

What are short term impacts of spanish exploration?

Short-term impacts of Spanish exploration included the spread of diseases to indigenous populations, the forced conversion of many natives to Christianity, and the exploitation of resources for European gain. The establishment of trade networks and colonization also led to increased conflict and warfare among indigenous groups.

What are disadvantages of exploration?

Some disadvantages of exploration include high costs, uncertainty of outcomes, and potential environmental impacts. Exploration activities may also put people at risk and can lead to conflicts with local communities or other stakeholders.

What were some of the impacts of Marco polo's explorations?

some of the impacts on Marco polos exploration were that it set people free and let pople make there own choices. in thoughs day the people did what the church said to do but Marco made a change to society.

What impacts have the vikings had on the world?

The Vikings were known for their excellent boat crafting and exploration. It is argued that the Vikings, led by Leif Ericson, where the first Europeans to reach the Americas in the 14th century.

How has exploration helped us learn about impacts of space objects on earth?

Exploration of other worlds has helps us learn about the impact of space objects. When an object strikes the surface of a larger object in space, it explodes and leaves behind a round pit called an impact crater.

What starement correctly matches the characteristics of the exploration in the new world?

Exploration in the new world led to the encounter of different cultures, the exchange of goods and ideas between continents, and the establishment of new trade routes. It also resulted in the colonization of new territories and the spread of diseases that had devastating impacts on indigenous populations.

What are good things th at have happened to Africa because of the age of exploration?

The Age of Exploration brought about positive impacts on Africa such as the introduction of new crops, goods, and technology, as well as increased cultural exchange. It also led to the establishment of trading networks that contributed to economic growth in certain regions. Additionally, the exploration of new trade routes helped Africa become connected to the global economy.

What are the positive and negative impacts of Jacques cartier?

Positive impacts of Jacques Cartier include his exploration of Canada, which led to increased knowledge of the region and its resources. He also established French claims to North America, paving the way for future French colonization efforts. Negative impacts include his mistreatment of Indigenous peoples, including kidnapping and taking them back to France, as well as the spread of disease to Indigenous communities.

What effects did European exploration have on Africa?

European exploration of Africa had major negative impacts, including the spread of diseases, exploitation of natural resources, and introduction of slave trade. This led to economic exploitation, political instability, and social disruption across the continent, leading to long-lasting consequences that continue to affect Africa today.