What are the main 4 uses of silk?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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main uses of silk are :

1 . it does not stik on body

2. it is cheap in some markets

3. does require chemicals

4. no harm full ness is there

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Q: What are the main 4 uses of silk?
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What is the main item traded on the silk road?


What main things did the silk road trade?

silk, porcelain, and spices

What is the uses of silk?

To make tie and curtains.

Was the Silk Road one continuous road or a series of routes?

The Silk Road was a series of routes that came off of the main Silk Road. The Silk Road consisted of the main Silk Road, minor routes and sea routes which were used later in the Silk Road's history, when the Silk Road became dangerous.

What country is the silkworm from?

SILK COMES FROMthe main silk maker is china then there is japan and india

Was the silk road smooth?

No the Silk Road was not smooth. The Silk road was actually a road that was used for trading. The main item traded along the Silk Road was silk that is why it is called the silk road.

What is made out of silk?

Many types of fancy clothing are made of silk. There are also silk bed sheets available, and some furniture uses silk as a covering. You can also get purses or other accessories made from silk.

Is seri a word?

It's not a word on its own, but it is a prefix meaning "silk." An example is sericulture, which means silk farming, and serigraphics, which is a printmaking process that uses silk.

What area of the world does silk come from?

China is the main distributor of silk above India and Japan

Uses of silk?

Silk is an expansive luxurious fabric, popular since ancient times. Like any fabric, silk can be used to make clothe, draperies, beddings...and such.

What is the largest producer of silk?

Silk has been a highly sought after material for thousands of years. Some of the main exporters of silk are China, Japan, and Korea.

What are the main exports from china to Canada?

silk and metal