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Dick Turpin was a very famous highwayman but the most famous one of all was

Benjamin Franklin.

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Dick Turpin

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Q: What are the names of famous highwaymen?
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Where are famous places where the highwaymen were?


What was the three most famous highwaymen?


Were there any famous highway men?

The famous highwaymen were Sir Colm, he stole millions..

Who was the most famous highwaymen?

Jesse James is probably the most famous highwayman of the American West.

Are there any famous highwaymen?

The most famous is probably Dick Turpin.

Who stopped highwaymen?

Richard Burgess. He was a spy highwayman gathering information for parliament. in 1589, all famous highwaymen were caught and there were too much authority for highwaymen to carry on as their leaders were hung. hope this helped :)

What is the famous saying for a highwayman?

"Stand and deliver" is the famous saying associated with highwaymen. Highwaymen would use this command to stop travelers on the road and demand their valuables.

What was one of the highwaymen famous phrases?

One famous phrase associated with highwaymen is "Stand and deliver!" which they would shout when robbing travelers on the road. This phrase was meant to instill fear and demand compliance from their victims.

Do highwaymen have any famous sayings?

One famous saying associated with highwaymen is "Your money or your life." This phrase captures the essence of their criminal demands during robberies, emphasizing the threat of violence if the victim does not comply with their demands.

What are the names of famous highway men?

Some famous highwaymen throughout history include Dick Turpin, Claude Duval, and James MacLaine. These individuals were notorious for robbing travelers on the roads and became legendary figures in folklore and literature.

Where were highwaymen?

Highway men were people who stopped people on trading routes or major pathways and took their stuff and killed them.

What were highwaymen famous for?

Ambushing carriages in remote woodland and extorting money and valuables. "Your money or your life!" was their common slogan.