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Dan Smith

Will Farquarson

Chris 'Woody' Wood

Kyle Simmons

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Q: What are the names of the people in the band Bastille?
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Is the band Bastille a christian band?


Who is Dan Smith?

Dan Smith is the lead singer in the band Bastille.

How people in frace celebrate Bastille day today?

people clebrate bastille day

What is the names of the people in the band six d?

six d names cassie

What is the names of the people in the band stiff dylans?


What happended to the Bastille why did people choose to go fter the Bastille?

The Bastille was a jail or prison that held innocent people that did nothing wrong. The people during the french revolution thought it was wrong and ridiculous so they threw apart the Bastille, taking it apart brick by brick.

What is the significance of Bastille day in France?

The Bastille was the Royal Prison. By taking the Bastille, the people were telling the King he had lost his power of threat.

How many names are there for Bastille Day?

Bastille Day is the English name, there is no "Jour de la Bastille" equivalent in French.In French, it is known commonly as le quatorze juillet, or more officially in the calendars as la fête nationale.

What was Bastille and why was it important?

It was a sweet band that revolutionized music about volcanoes with their songs Pompeii and things we lost in the fire.

What are the names of the people in the band the wanted?

Max Tom siva jay Nathan

Who is the lead singer for Don't trust me?

The Band that sings it is 30!3. There' stwo people in the band, don't know their names.

Why did so many people hate Bastille?

The Bastille represented the power the aristocracy held over poorer people. People probably did not hate the Bastille. An important reason it was stormed was that it had many guns and other weapons stored inside, which the peasants used to arm themselves.