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1.Don key dick
2.Tristan bryson
3.Tyra mcnally

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Q: What are the names of the three missionaries that went to India?
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What an important thing happened in Canada in 1848?

Three men went on ill-fated expedition to the mythical country of Alaska. Their names were: Horacio Hornblower, Louis-Philippe, and Obi Wan Kenobi. They were never seen again.

Bartolomeu dias captained the first European ship to sail what route?

He was looking for a route to India, he went around the southern tip of Africa. I don't believe he made it , the crew came down with scurvy

How did the voyages of Columbus differ from earlier voyages to the Americas?

he was the first explorer to have a written record of his journey

How was India affected by Britain politically?

India was a crown colony of the UK until the end of WW2 (1945). While a colony, India no doubt felt the way other colonists have felt thru-out history...always wanting independence...and bringing up the issues of "second class citizenship", etc. The United States went thru this well as Vietnam...Australia, etc. And as with those other nations, India got over it...and the relationship between India and the UK today, is probably very good.

What is the Muslim rule of India in the early 1500s?

The Muslims first attacked Sindh to free the Muslim widows and orphans from the clutches of Raja Dahir in the 7th century. The Muslim army was commanded by Muhammad Bin Qasim, a youth of 17 years. He defeated Raja Dahir and conquered Indian areas up to Multan. He was suddenly called back by new Caliph Sultan bin Abdul Malik and killed. Again the Muslims attacked India under Mahmood Ghaznavi but he didn't establish Muslim government in India. Later on Muhammad Ghori defeated the combined forces of Indian Rajas and established Muslim Government in India. Different Families like Khiljis, Tughlaqs, Ghulams (Salves), and then the Mughals ruled India for many centuries (12th to 19th century) till in 1857, the last Mughal Emperor Bahadar Shah Zaffar was defeated the British and India went under British Rule till August 14, 1947. Bahadar Shah Zaffar was defeated by the British and India went under British Rule till August 14, 1947.

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What was the connection between missionaries and businessmen?

Businessmen went to territories where missionaries had settled.

What are the three names of the men who went on the Apollo 13 mission?

The three astronauts who went on the Apollo 13 mission were James Lovell, Jack Swigert, and Fred Haise.

Where in New Zealand did the missionaries come to?

the early missionaries frist went to paremata and settled their until they found somewhere else to go

What happened in 1820 with Hawaii?

Some of the first Christian missionaries went to Hawaii in 1820. Most of the missionaries were of Puritan backgrounds and plain in their dress.

What are facts about Christopher columbus' life?

He my friends was born in 1451-1506. He died in 1506 because of an heart attack. He actually went to Asia when he wanted to go to India and China to trade chillies. He had three brothers and three ships. the names of the ships were Nina, The Pinto Santa Maria.

What are the regions of the world Catholic missionaries went to?

In the past two thousand years, Catholic missionaries have taught in every part of the world except probably Antarctica.

What are the achievements in early missionaries?

There were many types of missionaries and missionaries went to many countries in the world. Early Christian missionaries taught the people farming techniques, and built hospitals and schools. Christian missionaries are associated with higher levels of printing, education, economic development, organizational civil society, protection of private property and rule of law and with lower levels of corruption

What was the connection between missionary and business men?

Businessmen went to territories where missionaries had settled-Apex

Who were missonaries?

Missionaries were people who went among native peoples and tried to convert them to the missionary's religion.

Which nation is closely associated with Mohandas Gandhi?

Born in India in 1869 then went to south Africa in 1893 to practice law South Africa and returned to India in 1914 where he was finally assassinated in 1948In India then he went to Britain then went back to India then went to South Africa and came back to India.

Mother religion of Buddhism?

Buddhism began in India as a part of Hinduism in about the 6th century b.c.. For many centuries Buddhism was a movement within Hinduism. When Buddhist missionaries went to the surrounding areas they did not take Hinduism with them. In India the two movements gradually separated. The separation began about the third century a.d. and was complete about the 9th century.

How many Catholic churches send out missionaries to Ireland?

The only missionary that I know that went to Ireland was St. Patrick. Since that time, Ireland has usually send out missionaries to the rest of the world, not vice-versa.