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The rights an Australian Citizen are as follows: * entitlement to an Australian passport and to Australian consular protection overseas * entitlement to leave Australia and return at any time without any Immigration restrictions * immunity from deportation * entitlement to register overseas born children as Australian citizens by descent (subject to some additional criteria) * entitlement to seek employment by the Federal (Commonwealth) Government, where citizenship is normally required * entitlement to vote and stand for public office (dual citizens cannot stand for office in the Federal Parliament unless they have taken all reasonable steps to renounce their foreign citizenship. Most states do allow dual citizens to stand for State Parliaments). The responsibilities of an Australian Citizen are as follows: * obey the law * enroll to vote, and vote at all elections (unless there is a reasonable excuse such as a religious objection, being overseas or illness on polling day) * serve on a jury, if called upon * defend Australia, should the need arise.

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Probably more than any other country's citizens.No ID cards,freedom to travel and live wherever within the borders and if i don't like what the government is doing I can say so without retribution and even help vote them out of office.

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Q: What are the rights and responsibilities of an Australian citizen?
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