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Water shortages, unequal distribution, pollution

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Q: What are the three major water problems in southwest Asia?
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What are three major water problems in southwest Asia?

Water shortages, unequal distribution, pollution

What are three major ways people use the land in southwest Asia?

three major ways Asians use the land is by mining growing crops and water

What major problem is the southwest facing?

scarcity of water

What is the three-pronged foundation of the southwest?

Electricity, water and the automobile

What major body of water separates the African continent from southwest Asia?

the red sea

What was the major problems building the panama canal?

the water rats

What are 3 major bodies of water?

Oceans, rivers, and lakes are three major bodies of water.

What were the major problems of water transport?

Water levels in the rivers are not always regular or sufficient

What are major problems with Air Jordan shoes?

the only real major problem is water and growing out of them

three major reservoirs of water?


What southwest river is major source of water for people in two countries?

The Rio Grande for Mexico and the USA perhaps.

What are three problems of water pollution?

Silt is a major problem. Run-off (oil and fertilizer) from roads and farms is another. Unregulated or illegal waste from factories is another.