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death marriage and coming of age

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Q: What are the three rites of passage Arnold van Gennep found that all societies celebrate?
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When was Arnold van Gennep born?

Arnold van Gennep was born in 1873.

When did Arnold van Gennep die?

Arnold van Gennep died in 1957.

What are the rites of passage according to arnold van gennep?

This is the stage going between childhood and becoming a full member of a tribe. When you go through this, you will no longer be considered a child.

What is the population of Gennep?

Gennep's population is 16,865.

What is the area of Gennep?

The area of Gennep is 50.4 square kilometers.

When was Water Mill at Gennep created?

Water Mill at Gennep was created in 1884.

When did Wilhelm von Gennep die?

Wilhelm von Gennep died in 1362.

What is the population density of Gennep?

The population density of Gennep is 351 people per square kilometer.

When was Guido van Gennep born?

Guido van Gennep was born on June 22, 1963, in The Hague, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands.

When was Geert van Beek born?

Geert van Beek was born on March 13, 1920, in Gennep, Limburg, Netherlands.

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