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One of the most well heard of trades in history is SILK but not many people know much about it but the say some of the heaviest traffic for SILK trade routes was in the mountains of Pakistan.

SILK was one of the most expensive items in that time and only Kings/Queens and Emperors could afford it so if you could get enough silk and manage to sell it then you were lucky but so many people died trying to transport it as either they were murdered and their goods stolen or they died of exhaustion/dehydration or they simply froze to death.

Many people belive infection could've killed thousands in that trade as well.

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it meets 30 routes

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check in your history book,bro

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Q: What are the trade routes to mecca?
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What city is at the intersection of six trade routes?

Mecca and medina were such oasis cities that are the nearest to the trade routes.

What feature made mecca a weathly city?

trade routes made mecca a wealthy city

Which city was the largest and richest city along the Arabian trade routes?


What is the approximate distance along trade routes between mecca and constantinople?


What are three cities that are easy to reach by trade routes from Mecca?

byzantine empire, spain, china

What city was the largest and richest of the towns along the Arabian trade routes?

Mecca, I know because I'm learning it in history

Why was Mecca a trading center for the Arabian peninsula?

Since Mecca was holy site for all Arabian faiths, it was spared from the numerous tribal conflicts between Arabs throughout the Arabian Peninsula. This allowed for Mecca to see the flourishing of commerce and international trade. The religious plurality permitted in Mecca was critical for maintaining Mecca's important position along the Arabian trade routes.

How did mecca develop and grow to become important?

Mecca developed as a center of trade due to its strategic location along trade routes. It grew in importance as the birthplace of Islam and the site of the Kaaba, a significant religious pilgrimage destination for Muslims. Over time, Mecca became a cultural, religious, and political center in the region.

What are all the Persian trade routes?

persian trade routes,african trade routes,ocean trade routes,mediterranean trade routes,and silk roads.

What geography feature made Makkah a wealthy city?

Mecca became wealthy because it was the place where all Muslims from all over the world converged for pilgrimage. Mecca is a Holy city in Saudi Arabia.

Why were certain trade routes called triangle trade routes?

Certain trade routes were called triangle trade routes because the route was shaped like a triangle. It was when three ports or regions would trade with each other.

What type of expert studies trade routes?

Geologists study Trade Routes!