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They transported cattle, disease, and vegetation

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the most importante are govt and you culture

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Q: What are three important consequences of the European exploration of the new world?
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What are three important consequences of the European explorations of the New World?

They transported cattle, disease, and vegetation

What were the three G's that motivated European exploration?


What are three important consequences of the citric?

what are 3 important consequences of the citric acid cycle

What 3 European countries that were involved in the age of exploration?

Spain, Portugal, and England were three European countries heavily involved in the Age of Exploration. They each sponsored expeditions to venture into uncharted territories, establish colonies, and search for new trade routes to Asia. These expeditions had a significant impact on shaping global trade, culture, and politics.

What are the three ways European culture has spread around the world?

Imperialism, exploration, colonization

What three technological advances furthered European exploration?

The Astorlabe, the carvel and the printing press

What were the three reasons for exploration?

The three main reasons for exploration were to find new trade routes to Asia, to spread Christianity to new lands, and to acquire wealth and resources for European countries.

What was the three European nations to voyages of exploration?

There were a lot of European nations that explored starting in the late 15th century. The main three that had a direct effect on the United States were Spain, France, and England (Great Britain).

What is a sentence using the word exploration?

The exploration of the remote forest has uncovered three new tribes and fourteen new species of animals.Underwater exploration has still failed to find any evidence of the Loch Ness Monster.

What are the three most important consequences of Spanish influences in North and South America?

Language, customs and culture.

Identify 3 factors that led European nations to voyages of exploration?

The Age of Exploration began in the 15th century and continued in to the early 17th century. Three factors that drove this exploration were desire to spread their religion, desire for riches and desire to gain power over other countries.

What are the three g's in Europe during the 1400 and 1500's?

The three g's that I believe you are referring to are the ways to remember the goals of European exploration in these centuries. They are 1) Gold 2) Glory and 3) God