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Q: What are to important events of Oscar Micheaux?
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How tall is Oscar Micheaux?

Oscar Micheaux is 6' 0".

What was the movie Oscar Micheaux made in 1919?

Oscar Micheaux made The Homesteader in 1919. It was his first novel made into a movie.

What are the release dates for Oscar Micheaux Negro Pioneer - 2015?

Oscar Micheaux Negro Pioneer - 2015 was released on: USA: 2015

What role did Oscar micheaux play in the film industry?

Oscar Micheaux was the first Independent Afro-American Director. He was also a novelist and owned his own company called Micheaux Film and Book Company.

What was Oscar Micheaux famous for?

He was famous for his films.

What has the author Oscar Micheaux written?

Oscar Micheaux has written: 'The forged note' -- subject(s): African Americans, Fiction 'The Homesteader' 'Masquerade a Historical History'

Is there a copy of Oscar Micheaux's film the Betrayal?


Who was the first filmmaker?

D.W. Griffith

Did Oscar micheaux ever get maried?

yes Alice Russell

Did Oscar Micheaux go to school?

Yes, he went to school.

How old was Oscar Micheaux when he died?

He died of Heart Disease at age 58

What actors and actresses appeared in Oscar Micheaux - 2013?

The cast of Oscar Micheaux - 2013 includes: Elizabeth Birks as Orlean Mira Gutoff as Hettie Gift Harris as Swan Senior Braeden Kumer as Little Tommy Akili Moree as Young Oscar Elise Scarlott as White Woman Cliff Sherell as Lynched Man Jordan Stewart as Swan Jr. Courtney Townsend as Belle Ike Uzoma as Oscar Micheaux