What are wicans?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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If you mean wiccans, Google wiccan. Plenty of info .. if you mean wiccans, google it, plenty of info..

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Q: What are wicans?
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Do wicans drink milk?


Is the charmed ones real in real life?

no, but witches(wicans) are real they do not fight demons i would know i am one we are children of the earth we came from earth there for we will go back. all of our spells,potions, rituals,and candles are based and made from the earth. we worship the earth and the elements

Is The book of Shadows is suppossedly based on the ancient Mamalestian text holy Balenyata.?

No, the Book of Shadows is not based on the ancient Mamalestian text holy Balenyata. It is a concept originating in modern Wicca and is used by practitioners to record rituals, spells, and other magical knowledge.

What is the religion distribution in Britain?

Unfortunately, only 3-4% of English people attend a Christian church compared to some 92% in the US. However; many people accept the C.O.E. (Church of England) "tag" put on their birth certificate by their parent/s. And of course; all the other couple thousand Christian denominations/groups and the like are represented. Official figures of 12% overall immigrants are highly disputed by the population, so it is difficult to ascertain the certainty of their religious contribution to English society. But, obviously; as this group is divided up, there are the respective Asian Muslims and Hindus. Coloured folk's faith depends somewhat on their country of origin, with some being Christian, and other's Muslim. There is a growing Muslim population among whites, but there is also an avid interest in Buddhism. There are some Druids, Wicans and followers of margin belief systems, even satanists. But, by far; the national state religion of England is Atheism. That is not to say that people don't believe. Only that the English seem happier than some to keep it as a private affair between them and God, and not to be so outward in their views. It is considered impolite in some circles to discuss religion, as well as politics and sport as these are often sources of great debate and argument. Some view other's countries great public show of faith as "ramming it down your throat" whilst others grieve for the lack of more outward testimony, almost envying them. For a negative perspective on English faith, read "These satanic Hills" by Robert Mills...

What does separation of church and state mean?

The separation of church and state in the United States means that same-sex couples who want to marry should not be prevented from doing so because of the religious beliefs of other people.

What do Wicca do?

Most Wiccans believe there is a creative force in the universe but they do not seek to identify it. They do not recognize any deity resembling Satan. Most Wiccans share a respect for nature and concern for the environment.They embrace gender equality and place great importance on female-male balance in their covens.They accept homosexuality as part of the human condition.They have different views on an afterlife but place great importance on what an individual does in this life and follow the Law of Return: "All good that a person does to another returns three fold in this life; harm is also returned three fold."They do not seek to dominate, control or harm others.Wiccans are strongly nature-based and try to hold their meeting out of doors where they gather in circles.You can read more about these gentle people at the related link.