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The bad things that happend is the starving time.

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Close to excellent fishing grounds

Has subsistence farming

Many universities

Rocky Soil

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In the Southern Colonies, there were many cash crops like tobacco, rice, and indigo.

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Q: What bad things happened in the New England colonies?
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What colony was not a New England?

This is an odd question ... there were only 5 things that WERE New England colonies. Anything else in the world would NOT be one. So ... a turtle was not a New England Colony.

What were the manufactured resources of the New England?

New England manufactured things such as thread and cloth. These were things that happened at the beginning of the industrial revolution.

What is the Different between new England and middle colonies?

England was in charge of the New England colonies. Where the middle colonies had their own government.

Which colonial area had the longest life expectancy out of the Southern Colonies Middle colonies or New England colonies?

New England.

Who practiced subsistence farming the new England colonies middle colonies or southern colonies?

The New England colonies

What types of businesses did the New England Colonies have?

the new England colonies had logging, fishing and other things that depended on the natural resources.

What are three types of colonies?

Middle Colonies New England Colonies Southern Colonies

What technology did the New England colonies have?

what tecnologies were discussed in the new england colonies

What happened after England captured the colony of new netherland?

They renamed it New York and it became one of the most populated colonies.

What things that the children from New England Colonies do for fun?

They played Hopscotch and fished with their parents.

What was the colonies in th New England colonies?

England and Mexico

Facts about the New England colonies flag?

fact of new England colonies flag