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It is the Great Wall of China.

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Q: What building is very long this massive object was built thousands of years ago?
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How many people built the Chrysler building?

Thousands of people were involved in the construction.

What is the name of the triangular building that was built in Egypt thousands of years ago?

it is called the top of a pyramid

Who created the statute of liberty?

Building the statue of liberty took thousands of workers. It was built by the French, and sent over seas to America.

Is the library's building was built correct or the library building was built correct?

The library's building was built is correct.

How many bridges did the Roman Empire build?

It is not known. The Romans must have built thousands of bridges because the empire was massive, it covered many mountain areas and it was crossed by many rivers. The bridges were built by the Romans, not the Roman Empire.

Who Built the the Temple of Jerusalem?

Solomon oversaw the building of the first Temple. Ezra, Nehemiah, and Zerrubabel oversaw the building of the second Temple; and Herod oversaw massive renovations to the second Temple several decades before it was destroyed by the Romans.

What kind of soil causes more damage in an earthquake?

Saturated soil. Shaking it results in liquefaction where the soil acts like a liquid causing massive damage to any building built on it.

Who actuallyl buit the great wall of China?

Qing Shi Huang who was first emperor built it with help from peasants, prisoners and soldiers and thousands of them died in the while building it.

Which massive structurefrom ancient times was first built as protection from invaders?

The massive structurefrom ancient times was first built as protection from invaders was the Great Wall.

What is the name of the tallest building built on the 1930s and when was it opened?

the empire state building was the tallest building built in the early 1930s

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