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Certainly in Britain it changed with the monarch: The period from 1900 to 1914 is called the Edwardian age....

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World War One ( 1914 - 1918)

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Q: What came after the edwardian period?
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What did the ladies from Edwardian times wear?

the Edwardian ladies wore large dresses

What is the history of Edwardian Script?


What era came after the edwardian era?

It was excellent for many groups, especially the lower-middle class - shopkeeper level - who were moving up into a new way of life, with cars, telephones, refrigerators and gramophones, and living in towns with proper roads, public transport, drainage, police and better schools.

Which period came after the Edwardian?

The Edwardian era ended in 1910 with the death of Edward VII. Then his son took the throne (George V), then his son took the throne but for less than a year (Edward VIII) then his brother took the throne (George VI) then his daughter (Elizabeth II). As you can see it would get difficult to name eras after the king/queen when since 1910 we've had 4 of them. That's why historians call the time after Edward VII the 1st World War era, then the Inter War era, then the 2nd World War era and finally the Cold War era-after that I would assume historians would consider it the modern/present era. HOWEVER This is my idea, but I wouldn't be shocked if historians (if given time) will one day refer to the time that Elizabeth II was Queen as the 2nd Elizabethian era. BUT If you really wanted to incompass all the time since Edward VII died into one whole era by using the name of a monarch I would use "Windsor era" because the one thing all the monarchs since Edward the VII have in common is that after him they all were the "house of Windsor." If the monarchy is abolished with-in the next 50 years or so I think historians will one day do this.

Why were they called teddy boys?

Because they were different. and not every one could be one. they were dressing up in a special way. "Teddy" is a nickname for Edward and the Teddy Boys wore clothing reminiscent of the Edwardian period of English History.