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An earthquake in 1826 nearly finished the job started in 1349, damaging and nearly collapsing the outer south side of the Colosseum.

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Q: What caused the outer south side of the Colosseum to collapse?
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What state is the roman colosseum in?

It is in the state of decay due to neglect. There has been too much Italian bureaucracy and mismanagement over the years and the crumbling Colosseum is the result. Ditto for Pompeii. However, the recent collapsing of some parts of the Colosseum and Pompeii has served as a wake up call and the authorities are making efforts to restore and preserve their treasures. The current state of the Colosseum is not exclusively due to the Italian state. The damage occurred during centuries of quarrying the Colosseum to get building materials to be used by elsewhere. The upper part of the outer facade on the south side of the Colosseum collapsed in an earthquake in 1349.

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