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i dont know

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Q: What challenges did brian face in the hachet?
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Why does Brian start to feel hopeless in hachet?

he was alone and there was nothing for him..

What is hachet about?

"Hatchet" is a young adult novel by Gary Paulsen about a boy named Brian who survives a plane crash in the Canadian wilderness and must learn to fend for himself using only a hatchet. The story follows Brian's struggle for survival as he faces various challenges and learns important life lessons.

What happened to Brian after the moose attacked him in hachet?

Roaring a tornado that flipped him out of his shelter

Where did Brian in the book Hatchet get his Hachet?

Where did Brian in the book Hatchet get his Hatchet

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What did brian call his raft in the book Hatchet?

Brian named his raft "The Makwa," which means "bear" in Ojibwe. He chose this name as a symbol of strength and resilience to face the challenges of surviving in the wilderness.

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Who is brian going to visit in hachet?

He is going to visit his father in the Canadian oil fields because his parents are getting divorced and he is now going to spend his vacations with his father.

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What happened to Brian at the end of chapter 3 in hachet?

At the end of chapter 3 in "Hatchet," Brian successfully ignited a fire with the help of his hatchet and some dry grass. This fire serves as a turning point as it marks his ability to survive and adapt in the wilderness.

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