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When Becket became archbishop he became religions and did not do what Henry said

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Q: What changed in beckets relationship with king Henry 2?
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What did King Henry chose Thomas Beckets to be?

Henry II chose Thomas Becket to be Chancellor (1155-1162) and then ABp of Canterbury (1162-1170)

What changed after Henry VIII died?

The king of England. The King of England made people behead Henry. Unless he was out of the country in a month.

What did King Henry VIII do that impacted the world?

Changed the religion of England.

What caused beckets death?

Becket made christians realise ow horrible the king was.

How did King Henry react to Thomas Beckets death?

King Henry didn't won't his guards to kill Thomas Becket but he said the line "Will no-one raid me of this troublesome priest!" in a jokey sort of way but his guards herd him and went to kill Becket. The king was ashamed of what he said and walked out bare foot and in rags and let people thow stones at him because he was so upset.

How did King Henry VII and Jane Seymour's relationship end?

(You mean Henry VIII) Her death, following a difficult childbirth. He was heartbroken.

Fancinating information about thomas Beckett and his relationship with king Henry the 2nd?

King Henry II and Thomas Beckett were best friends. The king then appionted thomas archbishop and they started arguing. they then became sworn enemies.

Describe a key event in the development of England?

King Henry the eighth changed England's religion.

Did the battle of Bosworth change times from medieval to Tudor?

Yes it did because the king changed from King Richard III to Henry Tudor

Who is the prince in Shakespeare's literature who changed after being the king that was mentioned in the prisoner of zenda level 5 penguins readers?

The Prince in Shakespeare's plays who changed after becoming king is Henry V, known beforehand as Prince Hal. Hal is a character in Henry IV Parts 1 and 2, and he becomes king and changes at the end of Henry IV Part 2. He of course also appears in Shakespeare's Henry V.

What king changed from Protestant to Catholic?

Depends on your definition. Henry VIII broke with Rome but Edward was the first Catholic king.

Did King Henry VIII have King Henry the 7 as a brother?

No, King Henry VII was King Henry VIII's father.