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Q: What colonies did the spanish settle in 1650?
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Where were most of the European colonies located by 1650?


What areas in the new world did the spanish settle?

Overseas north -septentrion- territory of Crown of Castile (New Spain and Spanish possession and rule of its remaining colonies in the Americas.

What led the Spanish to settle in north America?

They were looking for a northwest passage and found North America instead. Colonies meant power, products, and gold.

Where did the settlers of Georgia come from?

The settlers of Georgia came from Spanish colonies near Florida. And the settlers of the Spanish colonies came from Spain... obiviously! :)

If you came to settle on present-day new york in about 1650 its most likely that you're of what descent?


Who is Zurbaran?

The most notable Spanish religious scene painter before 1650

What was the last of the thirteen colonies to settle?


What word can be used in place of colonies?


Where did the Jews settle in the 13 Colonies?


Why did Portugal have colonies Africa but Spain did not?

Spanish Morocco and Spanish Sahara were Spanish colonies in Africa.

Who set up colonies in south africa?

Netherlands (1650's-1806) and the UK (1803-1910).

What was going on in the US 1550-1650?

Well The colonies were being put into effect so Britain had a little to do with that.