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Interesting question. Has do to with the dyeing of silk and other cloths. The stuff you need to dye cloth or silk a nice purple is rare, compared to reds and blues and greens and yellows, and it's hard to dye purple well, because too much and you get black and too little and you get blueish well done purple silk was rare and hard to make, therefore expensive, therefore something only rich (e.g., ROYAL) people could afford. I believe that robes dyed purple were first popularized by those wandering seafarers, the Phoenecians. One of the things you got the chemicals to dye stuff purple from was the mucus from a smelly, icky sea slug, this was another reason it was so rare.. "Hey Mom, I'm goin' out to get some snot from a giant slug, I'll be back by dinner time so we can dye Dad's lodge robe..."

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Yes it is the color of royalty but some say it means Gayness or Lesbian

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Purple color is usually associated with royalty.

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Q: What color is associated with royalty?
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Which colour is linked with royal occasions?

The color associated with royalty is blue, it has been associated with royalty, business, art, military and nature, blue is a color associated with a lot of things.

What color assosiates with royalty or spirituality?

It was originally more of a red color, a deep crimson. The dye was quite expensive, being derived from a species of sea snail in the region of ancient Phoenicia, and only the very rich could afford it. As a result, it became associated with people at the very top of the socio-economic ranks. Over time, the preferred shade became the one we know as purple today, but the name was kept, owing to its royal associations.

Does blue color symbolizes royalty?

No red symbolizes royalty

What color is associated with a 90th birthday?

Traditionally, purple and gold are often associated with a 90th birthday celebration. Purple symbolizes royalty and wisdom, while gold represents prosperity and accomplishment.

What color is Hera?

purple its the color of royalty

What does the co lour purple represent?

The color purple is often associated with qualities such as royalty, luxury, power, and spirituality. It can also symbolize creativity, independence, and wisdom. In some cultures, purple is linked to mystery and magic as well.

What is the meaning of the color purple in Latin America?

In Latin America, the color purple is often associated with royalty, creativity, and spirituality. It can also symbolize mourning or penitence in certain cultures or traditions.

What is royalty color?


Why was the color purple only used for royalty?

Purple became a color of royalty because it was difficult and very costly to make that color in clothing and the like. Basically, only royalty could afford the costs.

Color symbolizing royalty?


What is roman reigns favorite color?

In ancient Rome, the color of purple was the color that emperors and other high ranking Roman officials deemed to be associated with power and royalty. Probably the next favorite Roman color was red. Very often the capes of Roman generals and other high ranking people wore red capes.

What is Massie Blocks favorite color?

Purple, because it is the color of royalty.