What comes first enclosure or PS?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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what comes first, enclosure or PS in a letter

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Q: What comes first enclosure or PS?
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What comes first on the letter - the PS or the enclosure?

The enclosure typically comes first on a letter, followed by the PS (postscript) if included. The PS is used for added thoughts or information after the main body of the letter and any enclosures.

Does the cc notation come before or after the enclosure notation?

cc: comes before Enclosure

What type of enclosure is the Legacy Car Audio Subwoofer in?

The Legacy subwoofer comes in an oak enclosure for very solid sound.

What comes after PS?

A period or a colon.

A metal plate that comes with the computer case and fits over the ports to create a?

..well-fitting enclosure for them

Why would you need a shower enclosure?

There are alot of people in this world who like to take a shower instead of taking a bath. When you take a shower water comes out of a fauset from about your head and if you do not have a shower enclosure then your floor will get all wet.

What is a enclosure in a letter?

enclosure of a letter

How do you get a farmers market on animal crossing wild world?

If you mean flea market then it comes around on the first Saturday of every month!!! PS I have never heard of a farmers market!!!

Should the first word following PS be capitalized -- eg which is correct PS the total was 79 or PS The total was 79?

It should be capitalized.

How many pages does The Enclosure have?

The Enclosure is 384 pages long.

What is an example of a sentence using the word enclosure?

An animal enclosure on a farm is called a pen.A playpen is an enclosure for a baby up to toddler age.I received an invitation with a flyer as an enclosure.

When was The Enclosure created?

The Enclosure was created in 1961.