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Africa, in the colonization frenzy known as the Scramble for Africa (1881-1914).

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west and east

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Q: What continent was divided by the European powers?
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At which conference was the continent of Africa divided among European powers in 1885?

Berlin Conference

European powers drew boundary lines at the Berlin Conference of 1884-1885 that divided what continent according to colonial interests?

At this time in history, the European powers were interested in gaining territories as colonies in partway because the power of the United States and other non-European countries was rising. The Berlin Conference sought to establish guidelines for dividing the African continent.

Which continent has the most irredentas?

The continent with the most irredentas would be the continent of Africa, due to its history of massive colonization by European powers.

What continent did European powers partition and colonize in a matter of 25 years?


What continent is Czechoslovakia in?

Czechoslovakia is now divided into the Czech Republic and Slovakia and are both located on the European continent.

What were the seven European powers that eventually divided up Africa?


What continent was divided up by the European nations at the Berlin Conference?


What is the definition of European Partitioning?

The European Partitoning was a result of the Berlin conference. this was wen Africa was divided by the European powers.

What European City was divided by four great powers after World War 2?


Which continent was divided into colonies by European countries at the Berlin conference of 1884 and 1885?

The country was Africa :)

Why were Asia and Africa involved in WWI?

The European combatants were imperial powers with colonies on every continent except Antarctica.

What continent was almost entirely colonized by European powers in the early 1900s?

Asia, Africa, Australia