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he established the longest standing town called st augestine

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i dont know

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Q: What contributions did Pedro mendez de aviles make to history?
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Who help Pedro menendez de aviles?

Pedro mendez de aviles was indeed a spaniard

What is the oldest city in Florida and where is it founded by?

it is st. Augustine and is founded in 1565 by Pedro Mendez de aviles.

Where Pedro Menendez de Aviles is from?

born in spain, aviles

What is Pedro Menendez de Aviles last name?

de Aviles

Who is Pedro Menendez de aviles?


What has the author Pedro Menendez de Aviles written?

Pedro Menendez de Aviles has written: 'Textos y estudios coloniales y de la independencia, vol. 7: Cartas sobre la Florida (1555 - 1574)' -- subject(s): History of Europe

Was Pedro Menendez de Aviles an explorer?


Who found StAugstine?

Pedro Menendez De Aviles

Who was Pedro de aviles sponsor?

The Spanish Leaders

Who was the leader of St. Agustine?

Pedro Menendez de Aviles

When was menendaz de aviles Pedro born?

in Spain 1531

Did Pedro menendez de aviles fight in the civil war?