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Bartholomew Diaz Explored The Cape Of Good Hope. He came from France.

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he found the Cape of Good Horn

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Q: What countries did Bartholomew Diaz explore?
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What country did bartholomew diaz explore on?

Cape of Good Hope (southern tip of Africa)

How did Bartholomew Diaz overcome his problems?

Bartholomew Diaz demanded that he should carry on sailing

While sailing did Bartholomew Diaz encounter any storms?

Bartholomew Diaz did encounter at least one storm. In 1500 he encountered a storm and his ship along with 4 others that were including in the exploration got lost. That's how Bartholomew Diaz died.

Bartholomew Diaz early life?

he was educated.

How did bartholomew diaz treat others?


Did bartholomew diaz ever work with anybody?


Is bartholomew diaz from Portugal?

Yes, he is. he was born around1450.

Who funded bartholomew diaz?

King John 2nd

What year was Bartholomew Diaz born?

Either 1450 or 1451.

Who is bartholomew diaz's family?

his two brothers and one sister.

How many months was Bartholomew Diaz's jouney?

16 months

Who were bartholomew diaz mom and dad?

Joao and Diniz Dias