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Q: What country's civilization strictly controlled European trading rights?
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Two African countrys that was not imperialized?

Strictly speaking Liberia was an colonialist (read; imperialist) establishment by the United States. The Imperialists in this case were black, they were ex-slaves, they were fleeing oppression in the USA but they were nonetheless imperialist and held the native population in a tight grip until the late 20th century. In the case of Ethiopia, what we are seeing there is, as in the case of Liberia, black on black imperialism: an Amharic Empire. Let's not forget that until the 1974 revoltion the head of state in Ethiopia was the Emperor, he was not called that for fun.Ethiopia and Liberia.

What document strictly limited the power of the English monarch after 1689?

The English Bill of Rights

The Aryan population divided itself into classes that were not strictly defined People could move from one class to another Over time the system became more rigid and developed into the caste or s?

social anthropology

Who are italy' s allies today?

Italy is a member of both NATO ( and the United Nations, therefore all the member states of that organisation are technically allies (although the United Nations is not strictly a military alliance).

Which incident constituted the immediate cause of the world war 1?

You could say it was the assassination of the Archdule Franz Ferdinand. Strictly, it was the mobilisation of Russia in support of Serbia, which put-out the German plan. This had depended on knocking-out France before turning on Russia. Now Russia needed attacking first, so Germany had to invade France via Belgium, whose neutrality had been guaranteed by Britain.

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What civilization strictly controlled European trading rights?


What country strictly controlled European trading rights?

The country controlling European trading rights would be Portugal.

Is psilocybin mushrooms illegal?

It is illegal and strictly controlled

Who do you sell uranium to?

Selling of uranium is strictly controlled by AIEA.

How does uranium get to the market?

Trade of uranium is strictly controlled by IAEA.

Where do people store plutonium?

Plutonium is stored in strictly controlled areas.

Word meaning strictly controlled?

brought up with an iron rod

What is the meaning of a regimented wife?

A regimented wife is strictly controlled by her husband.

Are people educated in North Korea?

Yes, but the education is strictly controlled by the government

What are controlled drugs?

So-called "controlled substances" are narcotic and narcotic-type drugs strictly controlled by law and, if availalbe at all, are only available with a valid/legal prescription.

How are the pyramids of Giza looked after today?

Manly by the fact that there is strictly controlled public access

Is uranium easy to access?

The international trade of uranium is strictly controlled by IAEA and other organizations.